January 24, 2008

In Cebu

It's really nice to see more infrastructure, more changes and more progress in the country. I have been away for 23 months. I get back this year hoping to see a lot of change but my hopes fail me. I only saw expansion of the malls. But lots of downturn making the tourists expectation not wanting to come back.

The airport itself. I was too observant looking all the small details. And I saw that aircondition units especially on the ceiling is very dirty. It is very apparent and obvious. How can you invite people or tourist to come in to the country when the first stop itself is too bad already. I was not very happy seeing it.

Baggage claim was a mess and the airport personnel attending that section making it harder for the people. There is no system. Coming out to the airport, its like I am in a market. There is no definite system. Police or security are not doing their job. I hate to say it but that just the main facts. I frequently traveled and I know how the system of the Philippines is getting terrible year by year. How can we do to prevent this? I should say, discipline first comes from authority. Once they can cleared that, it will be much easier and more inviting to the country.

Squatters and low income people are multiplying. It is so bad to see and make you feel so bad. I hope overpopulation can be prevented. The prices of commodities are getting expensive that I believe only a small portion of the locality can possibly afford. Comparing the prices with other countries it's almost going the same. But the wage got a big difference.

In 2 yrs or so if I have the chance to come back. I hope there will be a change. I want to see our country growing and people will get discipline. I believe discipline comes from itself and hope each one will start to change.

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