January 31, 2008

Safe to get back

Just 2 hours I arrived from PI trip. I didn't get much sleep in the plane. I hated the person right next to me not because she was an old lady but she was getting on my nerve. She used my arm chair not minding that it's my space for my right arm to rest and where also the remote of the tv is located. I kept on pushing some of my space away from her. I noticed when we had our first meal, she had stressed the flight attendant. She kept on replacing the food. Until the attendant firmly asked " what do you really want, maam ?" I tell you if I was the attendant, I could loose my patience and would frown the way I saw the attendant's reaction was. She shortenend my patience too.

Although so tired with sitting a bad passenger, no choice but I had to entertained myself watching movies. Until I had fallen asleep for few hours. Glad it was a shorter flight. It was scheduled to be at least 12hrs or so but had it with 10hrs and 30minutes or so.

Proceed to the immigration, stepped away for a bit because forgot to filled out the bureau of custom form. Then got back to talk to the immigration officer. She told me that there was something wrong with my green card and asked me how long did I get married. It was a little bit of surprise and told her how long. My husband was very firm to say that the first time " the agency had screwed up my paperwork and this time it screwed up again, perhaps he said ' just to get me the citizenship right away '. She smiled. Asked me another on how long we'd been away, and I said 3 weeks. She stamped my passport and we got our baggage.

Off we rode the train twice, heavy for us to carry. All in all we had 3 suitcases and carry ons we had 4. I was sorry for my friend Wella. Her mother wanted me to bring the gift for her, but my luggage was full and I could not add put another space for the other luggage too because the contents where heavy as well. Hubby already got to carry the three heavy ones and for me the gifts and the 3 carry-ons. It was pretty hard. But managed and survived no broken bones but hubby's back muscle was strained. I have to help him later to loosen it up.

Now back to check my pc and write what happen on today's event. I will get back later on the days I were at PI and will let you know all of that.

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