February 8, 2008

Ice Skating Show

Josie and I chat this past few days and she mentioned to me if I am interested to see an ice skating show. She talked to Joy first and both they wanted to go. She asked me if I want to see it and of course with no doubt I love the idea. This is an event from Stars on Ice. The main performer I wanted to see is Sashe Cohen. She's a beautiful young lady. I often see her on tv and to see her skate live would be a very wonderful thing. By Wednesday, I got a text from Josie that she did already purchased the tickets and will just pay her on the day of the show. That will be this Sunday at 6pm.

Not only that, to see the show with great people you love is the very coolest thing. I am happy to be with the people I care and who in return do care too. There are more other friends I have all over the country and other places. It could be more fun and more interesting if to see all of them in one time. But that could be no where possible.

I am excited now to see the show. The last time I saw ice skating was when I was in my freshmen or sophomore years in High school. I can't even remember the year. Memories fading but the good memory I had way before was very nice and I know again this time to see another great show will be wonderful and exciting.

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