February 26, 2008

Marriage Proposal

This has been the most common thoughts for all ladies. Started dating at tender age of 13 or others could be late bloomers. No matter what age you started, it somehow put you in time to think about who could be your partner for life, soul mate, lover and a friend for keep.

How many times our hearts are broken? How many promises made not to fulfill? Tears flooded, hopes denied but we keep on going forward. We may stop moving to the next level when we are hurt, devastated and failed but eventually time heals. We learned from the mistakes, become a better person and able to love again.

I was hurt so many times in my life. I couldn’t count as to how much. I have a heart that is so pure that I can easily fall in love. I met a lot of wrong people at different times. I thought I could never really find that someone who I can connect with for a bliss. It took me time and years. I already have considered happy to be single with no passion for a man but then fate changed in some way. I was bitter but softened and become a person that I am today.

I don’t want to narrate how my current story goes but I am happy. I reached 2 years with happy memories in marriage. It is not perfect but it’s growing. Quality time and respect is the main focus of our relationship and we want to always put that in our hearts. To love each other until the end is a working process and we are progressing. Thunderstorms will always be there. It could shake, rambled us for a better reason and we just hold on.

Since this is the commemoration of our renewal of vows, I looked up to the day I was proposed on the day of my birthday. My husband flew half way around the world to see me and to kneel down under the tree in one of the finest beach in Cebu and asked my hand for marriage. It was a very memorable day.

These are the actual pictures that was taken after the proposal was made and answered.

Maribago Blue Waters, Cebu Philippines Dec. 24, 2004


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