February 1, 2008

Not the ideal Vacation

My Cebu trip recently was a disaster. No definite plans and no fun enjoyment. The only thing I could carry with that was I saw my family and some of my friends. This is the only trip so far that I didn't enjoy. Hubby couldn't adopt easily on the weather that affected his moods. And my health condition is unstable. I could be better in a day and get sick a day after either it will be stomach problem, running nose, too much sneezing and a bad headache.

One of the reason for me to visit Cebu is to have my wisdom tooth extracted but when I visited my dentist 4 days before my departure. He refused to do it because I need to undergo surgery. My recovery period could take me a month since I have to remove 2. And needs to remove the stitches within that period. As what he could predict, there will be 2 cuts. One on the surface and need to go deeper for the bone. It is pretty scary to picture the supposed to be surgery. So it didn't happen.

We tried to squeezed in a trip to boracay as soon as we find out that I could not undergo the surgery. But then we tried to look up the schedules and our day of departure for the US. It will only take us a day to go to boracay which is not very pleasing. Hubby was disappointed on that. He wanted to be there at least 2 days to spare the entire island but it didn't happen.

Hubby tried to reached his cousin for many days hoping to see him for the entire trip but it didn't happen. His cousin just recently married and busy with his touring business. We only happen to see him 2 days before our departure and we spent it together strolling at Sm and dinner with his wife at Mr. A in Nivel Hills Lahug.

The only exciting thing that happen in this trip was the get together at Port Waterfront Lahug where I saw my few friends. Not all of them was there as I was trying to expect them to come but they had their own reasons that I was trying to understand. And the beach outing that my mom set in Portofino. It was even a debate to go there since we wanted to go to Moalboal but my dad on the other hand pushed us to go to Portofino. We felt bad about it but we had little fun in the beach in Lapu-lapu.

With this trip, we only spent most of our time in the mall SM and Ayala. No sort of out of town trips which we really wanted to happen. The plans were screwed and even do shopping for pasalubong were disregarded due to the condition of our traveling itinerary. We need to take 2 trains to get back to our apartment so having to bring a balikbayan box would be a problem. So the shopping for gifts were set aside and I really felt bad about it.

Today, as I am writing this. My heart felt so worry with my friend Wella. I had promised her for the pasalubong that her mom wanted me to bring it for her. I thought there was not a problem in our luggage when I spoke with her mom on the phone the week before I was there. But on the night of our departure just few hours on the scheduled time. I was rushed to think on a better plan to fit in one of the carry ons but it wont fit and the other luggage was filled with clothes and wedding gifts that there were no space to fill in. There were even other things I just left in my room that I wanted to bring but I won't be able to. I know it caused her mom to spend time to buy and bring it to my house. I just hope one day she could feel better towards me.

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