February 14, 2008

What's my day today?

As all have known its valentines day. It's ordinary to go to work and starts the day with talking with donors schedules and pick ups, opening up emails, and browsing the internet. Kristal, my co-employee laid out some candies in a bowl and brought some cookies. She had offered some but I refused since my throat was messed up yesterday's ice cream from Mcdonald's where Liz the other co-employee brought for us. Liz on the other hand brought beautiful buds of lilies, distribute it to me and Kristal and arranged it very nicely. She's so thoughtful and both of the ladies are. It's just me who does care less of the day or what's going on for the day.

My boss later past 11am came to work and asked us for a lunch treat. He brought with him different kinds of menus to my cube. Liz and I were discussing until we both decide to get from Posh bagel. So we had different orders and boss came with the food some hours past. We had a little group lunch time just pacing the time. It was nice.

Past 3pm boss was asking if we did wrap up all the task for the day and we did and we left early for the day. That's so nice for the boss to give us that time to spare. I went head straight to a near shopping store but it took me to another store to get a gift for hubby. Getting a males gift is tough for me. I bought some stuff that I wonder if hubby would like.

At 7:30pm, we arrived at Spalti Ristorante in Palo Alto. We already had our reservation and seated comfortably. I love the restaurants cozy lay out. They had put balloons all over and have it float in the ceiling. I could see lots of love birds in the house. I wanted to take some photos inside but it doesn't look good and it's quite not a proper place to be embarrassed. I just hold on myself and took time to look at all the details of the place. We had a full set of meal. From crab cakes, salad, to my Risotto and Tiramisu. Everything is so perfect and so delicious. It was just a coincidence I found the place online and I am glad I found it. It's quite pricey but you get what it pays for. I love the place, the food and the staff.

When I get home, hubby and I exchanged our gifts. I took some photos and take a look at them.


AngelNoah said...

Hi sis,
did u also get that heart shaped chocolates? Nakakasakit ng teeth. Nasobrahan ata ako ng kain, hehehe! It's yummy, right? Nice gifts :)

ring-my-Belle said...

how sweet naman :)


Hello sis, hindi naman. ito lang ang na received ko. Hindi sa chocolates ako nagkasakit. I was eating different sweets this week from oranges, and ice cream. kaya ito tuloy nagkasakit.