February 19, 2008

When its busy, its fast

I was kind of hesitant to work today. I was thinking that my voice might got worst but it didn't. Though at times I need to cleared my throat at the middle of the conversation at my work. I guess people understand these days. The weather changed and people got sick. I was sick for several days and too fortunate it didn't gotten much worst.

I love today's phase. Lot's of calls but not much complaints. It is much easier to work and you can end your day with a lighter mood. I always want my day at the job to go faster. Much easier to wait at the end of the last hour. I had seen my boss in the morning but he just disappeared all of the sudden in the afternoon. His not in his self again today but he had said hello to me at my lunch break.

Nothing new and nothing much. Maybe tomorrow will be another day and hope things can change into better. See me next time. Ciao!

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