June 18, 2010

Marlin's Beach Resort

The awesome van pick up/drop off service.

This year was my second time to visit Bantayan Island. The last visit if I may recall was year 2002. I don’t really remember if it’s the exact year since my mind was screwed up that time. Something awful happened to me I just don’t want to remember and maybe that could be part of it.

Anyway, I went to this place together with my family. The booking part of this hotel was a little bit worrisome because they are not fully equipped. Though it was said on the website that they do accept credit cards, but when you book a room you need to call the hotel and talked to their representative. Since I was also in another island that time when I planned it, I sent them email and made a follow up call when I made my deposit to their bank account. It wasn’t twice or thrice it was a lot of calling and emailing because of the number of rooms I booked. I wanted to make sure I was clear with it. I don’t prefer to do such a thing and that kind of transaction but because it’s an island, communication in the sense could be a question.

My family stayed in the hotel for 3 days. The staffs are friendly. The restaurant is clean. Every morning we filled up the restaurant by ourselves and their kitchen quite lagged on the service but we did understand. The hotel is very small and they maybe only one cook for the day. But definitely the dining experience was good. Over all our experience was nice and the family enjoyed the beach as well.

The walkway towards the bar & restaurant.

The bar & restaurant.

The restaurant.

The beach ocean front view room.

The bedroom.

The balcony.

The view.

The deluxe rooms.

This can be occupied by 6-10 people. But I've stayed here just with hubby.
The view on the balcony.

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