December 14, 2010

Apple Bee's, San Jose

Sunday was a very busy day for me and hubby. Not just with sunday but with mostly our weekends would always filled up with priorities. I wish we could reached our goals and achieved what we deserved.

Anyway, we went to Apple Bee's after our running around. I ordered the grilled shrimp and island rice. Price is a bit pricey considering is not really a lavish restaurant. The servings are way too small. I mean with what you are paying for it should be a good size meal. But I guess I am new to Apple Bee's but this is not the first time I went to the same food chain. Maybe I am just expecting too much. Then the food is a bit spicy for my taste. The shrimp is good though so I am happy about it. The vege not really I am not broc fan. But the experience there is nice. The waiting is not that long. I am satisfied but not entirely yet happy.

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