December 14, 2010

Car Expenses

I have some car expenses a few months ago. The car was due for maintenance. The mileage was way pass the 30k required dealer’s warranty. When I finally got the time to bring the car in and had the car checked and reviewed we got to pay some money not covered by the warranty and since the insurance won’t cover that it’s quite the money to spend for. But there’s no way to get rid of that. It’s either I will suffer later on if I won’t take care of the car properly and by then I probably spend more. I choose to spend now and don’t worry later.

Then 2 weeks from the time I got the car in my hand, something just happened out of nowhere. Hubby was driving the car and the commercial truck in front of him recklessly got no clue that debris from it’s back where flying all over the place. Some fell hard to our car’s windshield. Hubby wasn’t able to get the phone number of that vehicle to complaint and when he arrived to his final destination he saw the evidence of a crack windshield. Too bad that we have no information about the mishap and no number to get in contact with. We might be able to get some insurance tips next time if things like that would happen again. It’s just so bad in our part that we will going to fix that later on and we will going to spend another money on it. I would think that a company would do any free insurance in cases like that. I have no idea but maybe there could be. Free Insurance quotes might have something that could help me out on this. I am sure they have good people that could recommend what’s the best way for me to do.

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