December 4, 2010

Christmas tree Shopping

Early today hubby and I drove to get our Christmas tree. We were in a hurry to get one since the weather condition said that it's going to rain. Hubby doesn't want a wet Christmas tree. First we went to Benton past 9 am. The gate was closed. I was kind of devastated. He asked if we can go check to another place in Monroe. We went there and saw the displays of trees. Prices are a bit high compare to the one we got last year. Sounds like an inflation here. But it's a bit too much of an increase though. Anyway, the trees looked great but I told hubby that we could probably check the one in Benton when it's open.

Less than 2 hours, we came back to Benton and the prices where the same in Monroe. We could have gone bought the tree in Monroe while we were there. We didn't anticipate that the store owners of both places are the same. Anyway, we bought what we want and now the tree is in my house. We will decorate it tonight. I will post a pic later when it's fully decorated.

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