December 4, 2010

Music Lover

I am a music lover. A part of me would always cling to the music industry. I find solace listening to the different variety of sounds. I am born to love music. I don’t have that great talent in the field but I tried to learn something. I tried singing and playing the piano. I am no great in that area as well but I can make a tone and finish the song. I only do a variety of songs that can be played in the range to my capacity. I wish I was better and lived by it to do it professionally but it appears it’s not what I am good at. I don’t know yet what areas that I could be good at but I know there will be that passion that I can make good use someday.

Hubby did talk to me early today while we were in the car about he missed out to purchase a ticket at Oakland-Alameda county Coliseum. He love jazz and he heard an artist that will be playing this month in Oakland. He missed it. I feel bad about it. I hope one day I can surprise him with a ticket about what he loves listening to. There are other ticket outlets in the whole country. Depending on the area you live. Try this site like Staples Center, At&T Center, FedEx forum, and Target Center. These sites can all be found in Ticket America. Look into this, you might find some artists that you are waiting to listen to.

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