December 4, 2010

Preparing for the Season

Since last week hubby and I are into the spirit of cleaning our space. We managed to set up our office room one day at a time. There are still lots of things to do with the room. There are more things to arrange and organize. I am hoping that before my birthday it could have the space we want and that the room can have more areas that we can freely work on. I haven’t done vacuuming the floor. It looked a bit worn out and need some cleaning. I know it must be done soon. I don’t want to mess the carpet and it’s costly to replace it. I wish I could have somebody like the cedar park carpet cleaning to do it for me. It is much easier job and fast. I can’t do it right now since I don’t like somebody to come to the house when it’s messy. I have to get comfortable first before letting anyone to come by my place. Or, I might just do it yourself carpet cleaning myself. Also, I could probably get some idea from best carpet cleaning service Austin from the steam team website. I know I can do it but it will definitely needs a lot of work.

It will not be long that the Christmas will be here and I wanted to do more with the house so it can be ready. There might not be a party to celebrate but I just want the house to be in the spirit of the holiday season. I am crossing my fingers that it can be ready for it.

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