December 21, 2010

What They Need to Know

When I was a kid, I wish to be a doctor. But that line of thought changed when I prefer more with numbers. So a switched did happen and I went to a different field. Somehow, most of my high school batch mates went for medical courses. Now they are all successful in their own field. I had no regrets about the line of work I am doing since there’s no way for me to have the strength to do what medical works are. It’s just not meant for me. I know there are several people that I know who are in pursuing their medical courses into another level. Most of them are preparing for the consultant interview. Majority of them take consultant interview course to help them for their big event. I am not very sure what levels of expertise they are into now but a few of them I know are brilliant. They can be the best of what they can be.

If I come across with them again or get in touch with them online I will introduce them to this medical management courses offered by Oxford. A few of my colleagues lives in the UK and they are doing pretty well with their jobs and some of them are pursuing more with their careers. Teach the teacher training course can give them the edge to pass whatever goals they want to achieve. This is one of the best schools they need to know.

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