August 18, 2016

Plum Smokey Eye | Vampy Lips | Hooded Eyes

Here's my first intake for the fall inspired look using mostly eyeshadows from Urban Decay Shadow Palette and MakeupGeek. Some color pay offs from Urban Decay needs a little hardwork and need some Mac Fix Plus to intensify and make it vibrant. In all honesty, it was a difficult day to film when my toddler was in tantrum and it was the only day I planned to work on filming. Managing being a mom and my love for makeup was challenge that day. The weather was hot, my face was melting like crazy. Oil was everywhere. I even did the foundation twice. On the second attempt you can really see in the video how red I was when I did my eye. But at the end of it with rummaging mommy's life and passion, the makeup stays on.

I am no makeup artist by any means. I learned how to do my own makeup through lots of experimentation and practice. If you believe in yourself, and just love makeup.. you can learn too!

August 17, 2016

Travel Vlog: San Francisco Zoo

If you have been a reader of mine, this will be an update on traveling. Just a simple clip from the recent trip to SFO Zoo with my little family. As you can see, my little boy is growing now. His 23 months and time flies so fast.

I hope you enjoy this video

Affordable Makeup Tutorial

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the long overdue post from this site. I just started doing videos again since I have a few spare hours now in a week to make one. I hope you like this video and promise to make more updates and whereabouts that makes this blog interesting.

Hope you enjoy!

January 16, 2015

New Life Change | Labor & Delivery of a 36 weeker | Preemie Baby

It has been several months and more than a year actually that this blog has been neglected. So many things had passed and because this is a new phase of my life here's my announcement. I'm a new First time mom. It's a very challenging experience but I love every second of it.