November 12, 2017

Halloween Trick or Treating

It was just a simple thing to spend the halloween. What matter's most with this occasion really is to remember the departed ones by lighting a candle. We did and also collecting candy for the little one.

November 7, 2017

Classic Holiday Makeup Tutorial for Hooded Eyes

Looking for a classic holiday makeup for this season, you can definitely try this and switch this a little bit of neutral if you arent into colorful looks. Enjoy this video!

October 21, 2017

An Update for How long it has been???

This is an update on how things have been to my life. Gush 3 years had been past and here I am a hands on mom who stays at home 24/7. Being a mother is the hardest job. There's no wage or price to pay the amount of time I spent with my son. But I am happy taking care of him. I wish I can do some more other than the time with home chores and baby sitting but right now it's the only choice I have. I wanted to work and earn an income at the same time spend my time with the little one but I haven't given the luck at this point. I would drive to change that when the big move will happen. It's going to happen soon and I am hoping for the best. I am scared of what's going to happen next. There's the uncertainty of how things is going to be. But I will dust away the negative here and just focus on the positive side there is. Without change, there's no hope. If there's a change it either could turn out to be good or bad. But I am hoping for the good and just not think about the worst. This is a life changing move and I am really scared of not knowing the outcome. What I am praying that with my good presence and positivity, I can make a good change on someone else's life and make mine better.

I deliberately want to be able to take care of my family. I want a better future for us. I know I can and I will. I have so many plans that I want to do when I get there. I want to be part of something new, something fun, because I am tired of being stuck up. A change is better, the thing I am aspring to get it. I want to change my outlook in life. I have to bring the old me who thinks only the good and the positive so I can bring the luck to my world. I need to be me again and be happy.

So much ramblings here, but oh my Halloween is coming and then next is Thanksgiving and Christmas. Big 3 holidays and not for long the new year and the Sinulog in Cebu by January. I will walk you through my journey if I can't with post, I hope my vlog in Youtube can fill up your days. Until the next post.

October 13, 2017

Copper Gold Cut Crease Eye Makeup Tutorial | Hooded Eyes

I really loved how this eye makeup turned out. If you are into cut crease for hooded eyes, this will be the one for you.