February 12, 2008

Can't wait for Spring

Today, here in the office seating on my chair and looking outside. The window blinds are all rolled up so I can see the view and the beautiful sunshine. Everyday I can see how the day changed from gloomy, foggy, rainy and sunny. Right now, it is clear and bright. I don’t like the very cold weather but I don’t like the hot humid day and today seems to be perfect. I have something to do that I must finish before I can go home but having this moment with a beautiful day just make me like to stare at space.

I am looking forward to that very day when I can just wear shorts and Capri with t-shirts. Spring is almost here and I hope no more heavy rain. Shower is fine and just having too much just can’t make it brighter. Winter season is quite more layering of clothes, turtle necks, sweatshirts and wearing puffy coats. It’s hot and it’s like a hassle. But if you don’t, you will feel so cold.

Just barely a month from now, spring will be here. I can’t wait for that day. I will be free and much lighter. See the beach, get to feel the warmth of the sun, and enjoy the rides at the theme parks. I hope I can do it all.

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