February 17, 2008


I don't feel so good for a couple of days already. I haven't gotten out of the house except last night when I got out to get the mails to check of the bills and other important documents. I wanted to go out somewhere after but my system were too bad I couldn't push myself to go out. It turned out I just stayed at home, browsing, chatting and playing around my website.

At 2pm my husband just arrived from outside where he did fix the car. He asked what I would want to do and I told him I want to go out and see the beach. I am not 100% healthy but I can't stand anymore staying at home, smelling the old apartment and being stocked all day didn't do nothing fun. We were in the road a few hours and arrived at Santa Cruz wharf. We walked smell the breeze, watched people and hear music.

We wanted to get coffee and we were at Mariani's. Almost at the end of the wharf. There we sat and looked at outside while we were sipping both of our coffee. I took some pics of the beautiful scenery. I love sunset and I am fun of taking pictures every time I see one.

I also got to take pictures of seagulls. Here's a few of my new collection.

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