February 13, 2008

Valentines Day

It’s 10am here at my job. My mind is spinning for boredom. It is quite slow today, phone is not ringing simultaneously. Lots of gap with each time the phone rings. We have 3 people in the office waiting for the calls to come in. Individually, we are sitting in our roomy cubicle. Looking around for something to do while the phone is silent.

Just an hour ago, I was gyrated my thoughts on what to do. All I could do was to make photocopies of maps, checking on my drivers estimate and waiting for the calls. It is tedious to do nothing but it is quite relaxing and you are paid. Better than sitting at home not getting any money and no working experience.

I am pondering at this time on what will my day be tomorrow. Will I take my hubby out for dinner? Or I will just stay at home to spend it. I already have bought a card and chocolates for him. I don’t know at this point, I don’t have that eagerness for a celebration. Maybe it could change tonight. I might initiate to do something better.

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