March 6, 2008

Good in Directions?

The USA is a vast land. You can see far as your eyes can see. I arrived here amazed on how enormous it is. My husband always drove me places, mostly everywhere. It was hard to imagine the road, highways, intersection until he introduced to use MAPS. You read it right! My geography skill is not my strong point and I am too poor I should say. He taught me how and slowly I’ve learned in time but not really good.

It took me time to go around since I am afraid of getting lost. I was too dependent on my husband to take me where I wanted to be. It was frustrating and I get lonely many times. Over a year, I started to push myself to get over my fears and learning to take the bus, trains and taxis. It made me brave and had fun familiarizing the road until I learned to drive and taking the road on my own. But still my sort of directions is bad. I get lost all the time even I am using GPS. That is how bad!

Working at my current job, I always have interaction with donors. I need to get all the information correct and it’s very important to have the accurate address. So the inquiries lead me to test my skills and I often humbly told the person at the other line to bare my speed. Oftentimes, they fully understand and somehow I can instruct them enough they can be where they should be. I had developed it by the months I am working and I am happy. I am a little proud of myself from learning how to read the map and able to direct people. But of course, you can’t expect me to be always right.


mylou said...

happy for u that u made it! i am so bad with directions dearest half can't believe how dumb I am with this thing. I'm trying to figure it out though and hope someday I can be like you "master of direction" hehehehe..


im just a quarter through of becoming a master. im still dumb. cant figure out which direction the mountain and ocean eheheh!