March 5, 2008

Homemade Shrimp Tempura

Thanks to my boss good mood today and my co-worker's compliments about my interaction with the donor, I was off to work earlier than schedule. One of the best times I love about working at the company. When its slow or I did a lot of number of calls, my superior would let me take off and paid at the regular full hours. How nice isn't it?

With the time to spare, I drove closer to home just block away and made some food shopping. I miss to cook my own shrimp tempura. At the grocery store, pre-made is tasteless even in Japanese restaurant you can't get no flavor except for the meat itself. So I find my own ingredients.

I keep my own recipe which is very easy. Shrimp is marinated with soy sauce, salt & pepper, garlic, vinegar, lemon juice and a little bit of brown sugar. There is a batter mix you can buy and just add a little milk and water. The technique to make it stick to the meat is, make the batter cold and keep in the freezer for sometime before using it to cover the shrimp. Roll the bread crumbs over and you're done.

I can't eat all of this so I cook it in batches. I always arranged it this way. I cover it with plastic for the remaining pieces and put it in a freezer bag. Every time I want to have a craving, I just get some and fry it. It is very convenient. Wanna try, follow my lead.

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hello sis! got a tag for you in my site. Check it out. tc.