March 7, 2008

To look for A Stock

I had prepared my hubby some breakfast today. He ate, took shower, pressed clothes and I did clean up the kitchen, check my emails. He hugged and kissed me before he left. He also wanted me to check on companies who are selling public stocks on the market. It will be an additional task for the day.

I might have an accounting background but my knowledge is not concentrated on that field. I don’t have the expertise but I can understand financial documents though not as much as others do. With my free time today, I can be of use to my hubby to find that certain company who do well or manufactured products that is marketable at the current trends. This is a challenging part. But will try my best and hope I can find something today.

The economy is not doing well these days who knows I might find a stock today and hopefully can invest make a good profit for long term. Let’s just see how progressive I can be. Until next time!

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