June 6, 2008

Aching Back

I did some laundry today and it's a bit a lot of stuff to do. I had finished 3 loads of clothes for almost 3 hours including folding it. The tough job of this chores is that going to the laundry room and coming back from the apartment. I live at a 2nd floor complex so every time I need to do some laundry I have to come down walk some few distance until I reached the laundry room. If I will be washing some jeans, it is so much weight that it caused my aching back. I didn't recognize it at first if where did I get that. From weeks of doing it every time, I noticed my back hurts every time I work with the laundry. I am just glad that when it bothers me my husband is kind enough to give me relief by massaging me. This Sunday, we have an appointment to do some massage for an hour. It will be so good for us. I can't wait for that day to come. I will let you know how this Spa place does.

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