January 1, 2009

Starting a Year

I ended the year with a bang with friends when we went to San Francisco. It was a last minute thing. The parking was so bad in the city. It took us over 30 minutes to park. Prices are outrageous too. The city can really jack up the prices especially during the holidays. Even at the restaurant in John's grill, the prices went up too. People just take advantage on very special occasion though the service really is poor. Anyway, almost had missed dinner with friends and out of luck able to make it to see them.

I had seafood capillone where hubby got Filet mignon for dinner. Our food was served last since we arrived last. At least it wasn't so bad. Inside the restaurant, we went crazy with the photos and taking turns using different cameras. Our table was the most flashing in the whole place. It is just what we Filipinos do love. We always want our special day keep with a lovely photos.
After dinner, we went to The Westin St. Francis few blocks away from the restaurant. The weather was really cooperating. It wasn't cold like the usual weather in SF. I thought I could be freezing to death. I just wore a dress and some stockings on, a shawl and full coat. I was really glad that I had felt fine with the chilly night. The people all around union square were just crazy. My first time to be able to witness the busyness and craziness of the people got drunk, walked stupid, act crazy and just acting weird for the holiday in SF. I had my first new year in Las Vegas and it was a wild night party in the street too. I had a blast there too.

I was glad I spent my night with hubby and my friends in San Francisco. It was the night I wanted to really get to spend with. I miss the noise and bang of fireworks in the PI where I can just get it here in the city with the people being wild. To end this post, I just had a marvelous time in San Francisco.

finally able to meet Marife
with Judith & Kim

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Hazelicious929 said...

wow! nice dress jud ka diha for the new year's celebration girl... I like the color