March 19, 2009

Looking back

The night since I lost my Taffy, I dreamt about my “Nanay” Ellen. The latter means mother. She was my mom’s loyal best friend and the only one she got. To me she was my 2nd mother. I had grown of her discipline, love and care. I remembered going to her house almost everyday to talk and just to be with her. She nurtured me with a good heart. I miss her dearly since 2004 when I lost her. I wasn’t even at her grave when she was gone. I was in Malaysia that time. When I came home that year, I thought I could visit her but no one was able to take me where she was placed.

The public cemetery in Talisay is just crazy. Overpopulation spreads the island even up to the memorial site. The old graveyard property become so small to accommodate all those past loved ones. One tomb could take a number of people. I am not even sure if she has her own and didn’t share a space in a tomb. Or I don’t know if she still placed in Talisay. The last time I heard from my mom, her family would want to take her to another location where her daughter was placed too.

Marites was her daughter. She was a good friend of mine. My memories of her was so much fun. We went out together to go partying in public disco places every time there is “Barangay fiesta”. We would wear the most lavish clothes, got drank and danced with some of the boys that we had crushed on or got relationship with. It was a clean fun when I was with her. She was a good person. The thing I could miss her was her very distinctive inviting laughter that can extend a few distance and that you could go along to laugh too. Apart from seeing her when she was gone, I had a guilty feeling not able to do it for her mom. It’s one of my goal next year to visit her when I will get a chance to take my vacation in the PI.


DesignsNscrap said...

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irel said...

Oh, you made me miss my Mom!