April 1, 2009

Tax prep is done

First time that me and hubby just let an accountant do our taxes. With much headache to the documents we have, it is much better we could hire a third person to do it for us. Not only just a person but someone who knows what they're doing. I had searched over it online. I found several accountants but found one that I felt could be better. I made an appointment few weeks ago just to have a brief discussion on what we have. We were requested with few documents. No hassle of back and forth, making corrections over this and that. I trust the work of a CPA. They are pretty much reliable. Or else, if not their license will be revoke. I know what the standpoint on that because I myself is an accounting graduate. I just didn't purse taking the board examination for I am not too confident on the knowledge I gained from mostly part time teachers. But if I could have the interests back then, I could probably be a CPA and do what I supposed to be doing. Anyhow, maybe one day.

Anyway, I hope things can get easy with our tax preparation from now on. Just decided to hire the accountant that we found and hoping to get our refund in full. I also would want to receive the rebate in 2007. I will cross fingers!

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