December 4, 2009

In my Favor

Since I got a new manager started in August, my feeling towards my work suddenly changed to a comfortable worker. Though I am not satisfied on the changes. Not that I don't like my new boss, but because there was no sign of salary increase. July was my 2nd year in the company and didn't hear any feedback on the adjustment. I would say they will not going to change it. I feel bad but not in a bad way. I am happy I have a job but at least I could be paid as what I should be paid for. If you come to think of it on the other side, I am lucky to have a job rather than a jobless and desperate job applicant. I hope things can get positive inside the company and I could get what I should deserved. Still, the change in the management do in my favor and I am happy working with other managers and co-workers.

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