May 31, 2010

Amilia's Cafe

Every time I think about a good breakfast, this is the place I would go. This is my favorite place. It is across Lawrence Plaza in El Camino. It's very clean and convenient to drive.
Flora Vista Avenue

This is what the restaurant looks like outside. I took the picture passing it.

The restaurant looks like this. Isn't it neat? This has been renovated probably has a new owner.

Country Benedict - 2 pouched eggs with country gravy, sausage and hash brown.

This may not be looked like a breakfast because of a steak, but arriving past 11am I felt brunch will be an ideal. A new try with this restaurant. The steak includes 2 eggs, hash browns and toasted bread. Good size and the steak was a little bit tough. But hey this is not a steak house, it's quite likely to happen to a not specialty steakhouse. I am satisfied though.

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