May 19, 2010

Biometrics (N-400 Application)

Time: 9:07am
This is it another process towards paperless in the future. The last step in dealing USCIS. Today is my fingerprinting in San Jose at 1pm. At this point I am writing my thoughts past 9am here at work. My mind is preoccupied thinking about it. There's nothing to worry because it's just a very simple process. The only thing that scary is, I will be on my own this time. Hubby will not accompany me. I am independent this time. Cross fingers....

Update: 2:37pm
I am home now just relaxing and taking my time. To recall what happened?

I arrived at the center 15 minutes before the appointment. It was an easy drive too closer to my job. So I feel relief getting there with no stress. I called hubby to get some boost since it's my first time to just be there alone. It's comforting to hear his voice.

I took away my Ipod touch, cellphone and camera before I got out from the car. I walked just too close to the entrance door. The facility is just very small. I saw the flag outside and got in. The notation on the door was too evident for items that are not allowed to bring inside. Just 2 steps by the door, I was greeted by a nice Filipino gentleman and asked if I have an appointment. I said yes and asked me for the letter and the greencard. He handed me a form to sign and I seated to mostly empty chairs inside. I got there early enough and there were only 3 applicants that I saw. It was nice to have that feeling of no pressure.

When I was done filling out the form, I went to another line and there I was greeted by a Vietnamese guy requesting for my drivers license. I handed it to him and he gave me a priority number. Since there was barely no applicants while I was standing there. I was called by another gentlemen who just stood closed to the Vietnamese guy and got my number, paperwork and Id's. He lead me to a station where the fingerprinting is. He gave me somewhat like an alcohol based solution to rub both of my hands. He was not talking to me. It was all like silent and body language. I am not offended on that maybe his disable and I really do pretty understand them well enough. He did all the scanning on my 10 tiny fingers and for 5 minutes I was done. He gave me a small form to fill up and I did drop that survey after. I head straight to the door and got out from the building. It was a relief to get it out of the way. Now is the interview time, Goodluck to me!

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