May 27, 2010

Super Buffet - Stevens Creek

It was the same day when I had a date with my friend Judith to watch a movie. We had a good time in the theater and we continued our night in the restaurant. The night was early it was around 7pm. The weather was a bit breezy and the hot food in Super Buffet could be a good one. Indeed, it was!

What I like about this place is it’s all about seafood. Yum! There are several entrees and it’s up to what kind and mood you have for the day. From fish, to clams, to crabs, and red meats too, it’s all you can think of. If you want the grill stuff, they have one too. The ice cream desert is nice too. Flavor mango can you resist that? But, I passed that night. I was too full I had no room for it.

The food that I love in there is the stew manila clams and the baked potato filled with crab meat. It’s not about how fancy they cooked it. But, it’s just there in the buffet all the time. It’s just delicious! I am salivating thinking about it now. It also makes me think about the days in the Philippines where I always eat seafood all the time. If I were to compare eating red meat and seafood, I would go for the latter. That’s just how I crave for it.

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