July 18, 2010

HDR Photography First Attempt

While I was in Hawaii few weeks ago, I was into reading HDR. I have some readings on it and so I wanted to apply it while on vacation. I thought I could get more scenery and more time dealing with my camera. In the end I didn't get much as I would have want to but I am already glad to be able to use what I have known base on my readings. I have 3 that I have made. These are all in Oahu, Hawaii.
This is my very first attempt at night. During the firework display. We were waiting the night to swept by while the building lights were turning on one light at a time. It was lovely to being there.

This is my 2nd attempt. It's a little bit overexposed but it's good for a firs timer.

This is the 3rd attempt the very same day where we had the tour. This was taken at Blow Hole.

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