August 17, 2010

Math Enthusiasts

Math has been my thing. My family back home loves number. It’s in the blood. Three of my brothers studied engineering which involves math. And as for me, I went to study accounting. To solve math problems are hard to those people who hated numbers. I am lucky enough that numbers don’t freak me out. I just love numbers than reading. But eventually reading must be work on too because without it I wont be able to comprehend. Anyway, it’s not handy for me while I was in grade school. So much with not liking to study, I was being tutored by my father’s friend. I got a math homework help from him most of the time. Then later on, he taught me more and in school I am already in advance compare to my fellow students. I was really glad that I had the experience that someone taught me how so far in advance. I passed all my math subjects with flying colors.

In college the difficult part, I had come to get my mind twisted with calculus problems. It was the hardest part for me. I was just glad that my teacher was very patient to really teach us the easiest way to understand it. I did pass the subject but the grade was not really ideal for me. I was hoping I could get the tutor though I don’t really need one but it’s better to really understand more with the subject. These days, it is better and easy now. There are many reading materials online and tutorials too like Tutorvista. Students who are failing and wanting to get better grades, has more easy access to study it. No worry about looking for any referrals because this is well tested. I would suggest it to student that really needs it. I was once been tutored and I know how it feels.

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