August 24, 2010

Math Subjects

Dealing with numbers is quite handy especially when you are faced with more difficult math problems. While I had my share on that in high school and early part of College. I did struggle with trigonometry and it was hard. I came across isosceles triangle problems and the many likes of it. It was a sweat I tell you. But with the love of numbers and the perseverance to know the subjects, I studied the ways in treating how to make it easy to deal with. It’s not instant because I have to sharpen my analytical skills.

When calculator was introduced to solve problems it created a breathing room. It’s good to use some tools to compute. Manual calculation is hard and the room for error is too high. With the use of probability calculator for example, it can help solve better with calculus subjects. Calculus was one of the subjects in college where I almost flanked. I really got a help with my cousins on that. Tutoring did help me and my being resourceful.

Algebra was the basic background in order to move to Calculus. I was glad I had a very good basic training ground about it. So equivalent fractions and prime factorization were not as hard anymore. In any case math was really your problem. Find a better means to solve your case. Tutorvista can help you deal with it. You don’t have to deal with finding someone in your family who can help you but just online you can find it with them.

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