August 10, 2010

Roys Restaurant - Waikiki Hawaii

It has been awhile that I have no critic about a restaurant. Well this particular restaurant was one of my favorite. Their food is just so good. A little pricey on the side but what makes it worth is that the food just blended so well with the ingredients that was used and the way they present the food is so gourmet and the taste its just wonderful.

It was in Maui that I had my very first try to the restaurant. It was a gift card that enabled me to go to the place and dine. It still vivid how the places looks like. It's not being fancy on the layout of the restaurant. It's their food makes it. And then the dessert, it was just crazy awesome. The molten lava cake. It is cooked 30 minutes prior serving. The wait is long but the taste oh man you could salivate. Now I am drooling to dine there once again.

Anyway, the photos below are the one that I took while I was there:

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