October 4, 2010

Driving Experience

Relocating to a different place and country is overwhelming especially you have to abide the law, rules and regulations. One of the many things that I learn to adopt is how to drive safe and getting used to reading maps and following directions. It was frightening to think about how well I could be in the road and how will I interact with people who carelessly drive. I had a good and bad experience and it made me a very cautious driver.

Once in awhile attending parties of my circle of friends here in the bay area, checking and knowing the host address is the most delicate part. I had a few instances where there was some frustrations locating the place. I tried calling few friends for help and majority most of them are new drivers too so there was not much help I can get but trust on my instinct to locate it. The common experience that I missed streets is not seeing the home address plaques. Driving with a running phase and doing some turtle necking is hard. Plaques that are not too visible from the curb or it’s fading due to weather and old age quite frankly frustrating. But I learn to maneuver my way to follow address sign and signal on the street. It takes awhile to get used to. Once you will be confident enough and not get frantic about it you will find it. Although I wish that the public address signs are more noticeable so it’s much easy to find what you are looking for and prevent from getting lost.

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