November 19, 2010

Car Pooling

Today is my car pooling day. Meaning I could not use my car while my husband will be driving it for his appointments. The day is bad too due to the weather condition too. It’s a bit cold for me. I arrived at work and the drivers were asking questions why I was there so early. I told the reasons and they left me alone. I just don’t want to be bothered actually but I can’t stay away from it because it’s strange for them to see me such a very early time. But anyway, I just stayed in the kitchen trying to stay cool and calm.

In times like this, I could think about buying a car for hubby. I wish we could have done it a long time ago to replace his truck. But money wise it’s better to hold on what we have now rather than spending more extra’s on another vehicle. Yet, if I were to choose I would do the other way around. I would like to buy reliable and quality cars like Mercedes CLS or the Infiniti M56. It’s nice to be able to drive those types of vehicle. For I know those cars would take long years of usability. It’s the type of cars that you would want to invest in to give you more for the money you spend. If you want to check it out, go to wiki cars. If none of the car I mentioned doesn’t fit your taste, and you want more of a sporty type, check chevy corvette. This site offers a lot of information.

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