November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

I had 2 parties to attend to that weekend. One was a house warming in Evergreen there in San Jose and the other was a halloween party at a new friend's house in Campbell. Joey and I spent our few hours with his friend to welcome their new house. It's sad to bid goodbye when the party was just starting out. I was glad that hubby was very flexible to have me not missed my friend's party too. So it turned out really well.

I was kind of late when I arrived at my friend and some of them were leaving when I got there. I didn't even get to picture some halloween stuff too. I just did my portraits pictorial there. Somehow it turned out good because some of the pictures came out great. I will post some later.

On sunday the actual day, we drove around some houses that we often used to go. I tried to capture just few photos of the place because I felt awkward and I wanted to take pictures of children wearing different costumes too but I saw parents were not very approachable so I passed on it. We came home with no children knocking on the door. It's been like that for years anyway. It's just a few places where I see lots of children.

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