November 10, 2010

Kukui's in Kalapaki Beach, Kauai

This is my first open breakfast restaurant experience in Kauai. This is at the premises of Marriott in Lihue. I had ate there for the most part of our stay. The breakfast was good. The most common ideal breakfast menu but what added more flavor to it is their fried rice. It was so delicious. Now, just thinking about it I am looking forward to get there and eat. The restaurant occupies I believe 150 guests. It faces the beautiful pool. The birds that are commonly wide spread in the area is on the watch. So be careful not to leave the food unattended. I experienced one day where the birds rush to the plate while I was just even sitting on the table and didn't watch the food carefully. Other than the birds, dining experience is good. Not to mention the flavorful menus and delicious taste. Your palate would explore with excitement. I had a great time with the restaurant and I would recommend.

This is the fried rice that I am talking about. Left side is garlic mashed potato.

meat loaf

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