November 17, 2010

Medical Scholarships

When I was young in my early years I look up people with white gowns the most fascinated career I could have dreamed of. I find them well distinguished people and very highly paid. I would want to be like them. As the years progress and seeing bad occurrences with a family member who got sick due to health issues, I begun to side swept by a different feeling that it might not be my line. Indeed, I figured when there was an accident that happened near our house and I saw the fatal crush and the people that got hurt. I could have offered help but I felt like I could faint in an instant and rather stayed away from the scene. So foolish and selfish to think but I just have no strength to face it.

If I want to pursue a career I rather go where the money is and where the numbers are dominant. That’s where my strength goes. It’s appealing for me when I see numbers and when I would analyze something in correspondence with numbers. I wish somehow I could have a job like that but now it’s not yet a reality.

For a student who wants to pursue a career on medical field, find a school that would offer pre med scholarships. There’s this medical school that I came across named school scholarships that is very promising. Future can be brighter if you happen to get to know them and able to get in. They also offer scholarships for left handed people. It’s substantially great. I never realized that. Also less likely no discrimination of any race, for they also have offers for African American scholarships. It is the best school that I know of that are pretty much offers big time.

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