January 3, 2011

Don Giovannis - Mountain View

My husband made a reservation a day prior to this italian restaurant for my birthday. I have not invited any of my friends to the said event since most of them are working that day. The plan was set for lunch but on that day we moved it to dinner time. There was no problem on the time change I guess it wasn't too busy.

So we arrived at the place behind the parking lot. We thought we might not be able to get inside at the back of the building so we walked towards the front a little more walk to the main street. But when we get there, it's possible to get to the restaurant through the back. We were just not sure that time. Inside, it's a warm feeling. A little small place but it's nice. The decor and the set up of the chairs is very inviting. I like it. It wasn't that full when we arrived and sooner later a bunch of groups came and made the restaurant busy. I ordered Linguine Alla Mediterranea. Actually I can't remember the name but I read to their website to get the name of it. Italian words sometimes won't register to memory. While my husband got the filet mignon which was very tender and taste good. Our dinner was really nice and I am glad hubby choose that place. It made my night. I really recommend this place because it's really good.

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