January 7, 2011

Where Will Chelsea Be On New Year's Eve?

I appreciate the guest post, Ignacio Phillips

I'm usually a little more excited about New Year's Eve. The reason I'm not as excited this year is because I will not be able to find Chelsea Lately anywhere. Unfortunately for me and my wife, Chelsea Handler will be performing at Mohegan Sun. That might be a nice hotel and casino, but her performance is not being televised. And it's in Connecticut. We live in Utah! There is no possible way we're going to Connecticut during the holidays. And yes, we do like her that much that we would consider it. The funny thing is that we used to despise her. We used to watch her for a few minutes after The Soup and shut her off once we couldn't deal with her sarcasm anymore. But one night we promised to watch her entire show. We were hooked. Once you understand her, you love her. Now we watch her every Friday night on Directtv Channels . We like her best, but we also like all the guests she has on. Most of the comedians and celebrities are funny. But even if one seems uncomfortable and folds under the pressure, Chelsea will always come to save the day - by making fun of them. This might seem counterproductive, but it actually relaxes the guests. I really wish they would consider broadcasting her performance from Mohegan Sun. Maybe I'll write a letter to the network.

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