January 6, 2011

Math Subjects Tutorial

Not all of us do like about facing and calculating numbers but I do love them which is way too opposite of the students population. But somehow it’s been hard work, experience and through family ties that enable me to be expose to the world of mathematics. It’s not easy at first and there was some early struggle but I learn to surpass that ordeal. I get myself oriented to it.

Of course, I have a number of times where I faced a lot of problems with some subjects. I asked my siblings for statistics help and geometry help where all of them were very much familiar. They helped me read through it and I begun to get familiar and grasped the knowledge. Somehow in College, with my being independent I struggle with one subject and I wish I had my brothers were there to guide me. The calculus help at that time was a need and it was tough when I don’t have them with me.

Now with online and using the internet, you can find lots of companies who can give you tutorial without asking any of your family members for help. That’s way to go.

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