January 1, 2011

My Year Ends

It was a great night started with friends in a restaurant for a good dinner. The idea just came up last minute and contacted a friend that we will be having dinner with them. I am glad that we did and end the year with my friends. I always like having people to welcome another new year. Part of the evening was a very good conversation about ideas, movies, food, interests and just anything funny that we could think of. It was an intimate dinner that I preferably like. What I would remember the time was the moment when one of my friend’s husband told us about a movie that wasn’t so great. He told us and warned us not to ever watch it or it would spoil our day. He said that he is a simple guy and want simple things. The movie impacted him too deeply that said crazy comments. We laughed about it and then he said if his going to choose he rather just stay home watch the game he like, bet on sports, clap on the player who’s doing a good job and his fine. It was just funny the way he acted that moment. It’s too vivid in my memory.

I just can’t relate to my friends husband about sports since I am not into it. But I can feel the enthusiasm he has towards the game. I know one thing he has sports picks of his own and his pretty satisfied about it. I wish I am as interested but I won’t mind being with them if at time they will watch it. I am pretty much can adjust.

Later that evening, we tossed our night with champagne and white wine. We had so much fun with the pictorials and we end our holiday with such good cheers. I was glad I started the year with a smile.

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