March 25, 2011

Home In Cebu

I arrived in Cebu March 23rd almost noon time. The weather in Cebu is very surprising for me. It's quite odd to think that summer is a rainy season. That's not usual for me since I do remember that it will always be hot and sizzling during this time. It is the opposite but I think it's an advantage for me since leaving California the weather there is rainy too so there's not much climate change. I am not sweating in here yet and hoping it will not be as hot when the season will really come to place.

I am glad that I am home and see my family. I made my brother happy that I am here for him. I see a little progress in his part and I hope his fever will go away. It keeps on coming back. I hope and pray that he will no longer have the fever and that he can recover slowly and progressive. I will cross my fingers. I love him dearly.


Hazelicious929 said...

Enjoy you vacation in Cebu, dai Chai. Though I know the main reason for your vacation. Hope all is well with you. take care


thank you dai. i wish maka rampa ko dri og sakto but for 12 days wala jud kay i always spent my time in the hospital and i feel so exhausted already. i have no energy to go out because emotionally drained naman ko. i only went out 3 times with friends mao ra jud and the time i spent with them were too short too. but at least i had seen the people i wanted to see.