August 11, 2011

Orlando Vacation

Before summer ends, people from the south or nearby state should not miss using their paid time off. It’s the time of the year to spend that Orlando vacations. Theme parks like Walt Disney in Orlando should not be missed. I have been there twice. All the time I was there, I explore and see things differently. It was indeed a memorable journey.

There are many things that you can do in the area. It’s really up to someone their choice of preference. I love Walt Disney and so I stick to it. But there are many things to explore beside Disney. Hotels in Orlando are abundant too so there’s nothing to worry about booking hotels for accommodation. I have not visited all the theme parks yet. I only visited two. There’s a reason for me to go back there again. It will be nice if I could bring some friends to join the fun. Also, it was memorable the last time I visited. I stayed one of the Disney Resorts Orlando. It was a small villa but complete. We had a full kitchen, Jacuzzi and 2 rest rooms. The hotel was not too far from the park. I had enjoyed my time and I always remember the excitement I had staying in the hotel and the moment I had in the theme parks.

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