September 6, 2011

Capitola Wharf

The wharf.. I think I made justice to this picture. I am glad I know how to compose scene like this.

It was beautiful to see this place. Though it was my first time, I enjoyed my time. I like the wharf and the shopping area was nice. Hubby and I went there to check out the place and we love the small town. We also tried to check the beach. It was crowded that day because of the "Begonia Festival". There was a lot of people. Visitors are like sardines on the beach. It was fun and it's nice to see such a happy scenario.

We had stopped to Mr. Toots coffeehouse for a sipped of coffee to stay out from the cold. It was chilly afternoon there with some fog. It could have been nice if the weather was bright and clear. The atmosphere was just so alive if the weather was perfect. But overall, I had a good time and we stayed til dinner too. We dined at Stockton Bridge Grille. The restaurant was at a corner. It was a lovely restaurant. It face the gondola and beach. It felt like a little European atmosphere.

Nearby scenery

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