October 13, 2011

Birthday Wish Lists

These are not the final wish lists yet but any of this can be good. It's quite expensive though. But hey it's just a wish lists. There's no harm in trying :)

1. Tamron 90mm
2. Sony Handycam - HDR 150 or 160
3. Nikon SB700
4. Interfet Five-in-One 42" reflector and Arm kit with Stand - B&H online
5. Macbook PRO 2.3ghz at least - hahaha this is sound ridiculous when I already have 1 pc for editing and laptop/ipod touch for convenience
6. Purse - my my my that's why I am a girl :) maybe something that I don't have in my closet
7. Watch - I can't get tired of getting new ones.
8. Wallet - I think I need a new lighter ones. Don't like bulky.
9. Clothes and accessories - Don't care so much about the brand as long as the size is M. But if you know me better you know what I want. hahaha!
10. Rayban - aviator - classic! but I need to fit those :) not all sunglasses would fit me
11. Nikes walking sandal. Love nikey! or a working casual shoes will be okay
12. Iphone 4s - this will be tricky! Need to get a new line if that's the case :)

These are just a few that I am thinking to get someday. I need that extra moolah!

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custom pins said...

Great wishing lists.