November 17, 2011

My New Tamron 28-75

I got myself a new medium zoom lens. It's a 3rd party lens from Tamron. The months of deliberation is over. Battling budget, price, coverage and brand was a tough decision to make. I weighed Tamron 17-50 and it's new VC version and then Sigma 24-70mm. My ideal lens could have been Nikon 24-70 but it's way too much. I don't want to splurge too expensive lenses when it's only for a hobby. It was a hard choice but I ended up with Tamron 28-75. I am happy so far.

The decision was tough but glad I got it. It arrived in good condition. The 28-75mm range will fill my Tokina 12-24. My kind of photography covers all aspect. Though I wish I have all the Nikon's arsenal. But I am not a die hard Nikon Fan, so to speak money wise only. But picture quality it wins. I was thinking why would I spend a lot when I am still a student about this craft. I know by experience good pictures can be taken even you have the least gears. It's knowing the basic of photography and use that creative mind and skills to get the best picture out of the ordinary. Tools can help but knowledge will take you far... Saying this, I am still an amateur and want to improve my skills day by day.

I took this picture with a 35mm prime from Nikon, D90 and SB 600 with a white background paper.

So back to my Baby 28, I will call this thing from now on. LOL! Is it weird or am I ridiculous? I don't care. I have been saving a lot to get this. I am thankful for the sponsored post I have been working for the past months. It helped me to buy it. Somehow, I believe that regardless if it's a 3rd party lens, if I know how to use it, I can produce a better picture. Only those who have microscopic eyes and experts can see the difference.

So here's the verdict:

First shot - wow nice!

2nd shot - hmm, there's softness in it. By the way all photos were taken hand held.

3rd one - I am quite out of focus in here. I took this shot on the floor. It was in a very uncomfortable situation. One hand with the camera pointing to the object which was few inches away at the same time the left hand was holding the flash. Crazy ha?? lol! That's what you called lazy :) in short.

f/8, 75mm, iso 125, 1/200sec - when it reached 75mm it's quite soft and a learning curve to get the focus point.

F/8, iso 125, 56mm, 1/200sec

Handheld F2.8, iso 400, 1/30sec, Auto WB, +7 exposure compensation, No flash... I brightened the exposure using lightroom.

I will still test some more in the coming days and see how good or bad it is when used for portraits. I can't wait to try it with people. I need volunteers!

By the way, Forever21 did not sponsor me for my accessories. I wish this is a sponsored post. But anyway, those were recently purchased and not worn yet. I want to try these lovely fashion earrings to my outfits and do self pictorials again. I am excited!

Latest note: 6-1-12
I tried the lens for no flash wedding photography inside the church. I wasn't so happy about it because it was too slow to focus and the noise level was too high. I would say, it is still a good lens. My everyday lens infact. But not good for speed if you want those fast momentum capture. The prime lens is still the best compare to this.

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