November 2, 2011

Sweet please leave me

My body is acting weird and the weight is sky rocketing. I am guilty for not eating good with all those unhealthy food. I am getting frustrated how the change of my body. I never have problems with any food. I can eat as much as I can and no weight gain. Now, just how small the bad food I will take. Few weeks from that it will show.

I am not pregnant if you might be thinking. Sorry but it's not. It's a false hope. But I am hoping one day I will. It could be a miracle probably. Who knows when I could be lucky to conceive. The only concern I have now is that I don't want to get ballooned with all the unhealthy food I have been craving so bad. Frappucino, chocolates and cakes will you go away? Can I resist you? At least one is missing now the ice cream. I already get over with it. I don't have much cravings like the way I used to be like 2 months ago. But the rest, I am trying really hard if I can pull the cravings away. Can I start today? I hope so. I want to wear the new pants I just bought which won't fit. Geez!

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