December 6, 2011

For My Brother

My brother is scheduled to have a Gastrostomy tube replacement next year. I was a bit frantic where to get the specific tube to replace it. His doctor prescribed a brand and dimension. Then, I was calling around and emailing my nurses friends. I asked them if they know where and what pharmacy to buy the actual replacement. Two of them responded and it gave me the idea that it’s hard to buy when the patient is out of the country and not local in the area. But I appreciate the thought that they actually responded to my email.

I was glad that the day after I emailed my friend, I got a call from my cousin who is also a nurse who lives in L.A. He told me that he knew where to get it and I don’t have to worry about it. His going to take care of it and will send it to the Philippines. Because of that, I feel like wanting to give him a gift for Christmas or whenever time permits. Maybe, I could look for items at They have so many good and quality items for nurses. I might as well consider the uniform for nurses as a gift. It might not be as grand but I think my cousin will appreciate the thought. I know from experience that my cousin is a giver and he doesn’t expect people to give him something in return.

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