June 13, 2012

Photo of the day - Ice Cream

I have seen so many pictures of this in FB especially those people living in the Philippines. An ice cream addict like me could be persuade by it. But I thought I can't find it in my local store but eventually I had a surprised found it in the aisle where some of my favorite flavor.

 The brand that people in the PI is all crazy about. I choose this instead of the many flavors they have. I was too conscious about gaining so much though this isn't really gonna help me on calories intake but at least it's not too much. This mini bar equals to 150 calories. That is still a lot for a very small bar of ice cream. 

Out from the pack here it is. Vanilla covered with chocolates. The chocolate is good but it's more on the sweetest side. The vanilla really complimented on this one.

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